Food that's been making tracks....for 30 years!


Food Menu


~JEFF’S AWARD WINNING CRAB CAKES recognized by the NY Times as “perfect.” Two cakes on a bed of spring mix, red crispy onions and Chef’s dijon aioli.

~HOUSE TOTS our loaded mashed potatoes that are housemade and deep fried till perfectly crisp. Are they good for you? YES!

~CHICKEN TENDERS with our own seasoned breading. 

~LOADED POTATO SKINS with bacon and cheese. Served with a side of sour cream. 

~NACHO GRANDE piled high with melted cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, pico and a side of sour cream and fresh salsa. Choice of beef or chicken. Hope you’re hungry! 


~CHIPS AND CHEESE shredded cheese that is oven melted over our tortilla chips. 

~DEPOT WALLEYE FINGERS with our own lightly breaded seasoning and our home-made tartar sauce. 

~DEPOT’S GARLIC POTATO CHIPS Kettle chips served with our very own ranch. 

~ONION PETALS Awesome blossom gone right.  All you need is the ketchup!


~TEMPURA GREEN BEANS battered green beans with our sweet chili sauce. 

~SWEET POTATO FRIES delicious sweet potato with our seasoned sour cream. 

~FRIED PICKLES pickle chips with our lightly seasoned breading and served with our home-made ranch 

~CAJUN TIPS. USDA Black Angus Beef served over crispy, red onions and Jeff’s Select Gouda Cheese. 

~GIANT PRETZEL This thing is huge! Served with our queso on the side. 

~QUESADILLA Choice of beef or chicken and cheese. Lettuce and fresh pico as well as salsa and sour cream.

~CLAM STRIPS fried strips of clam with our tartar sauce and fresh lemon. 

~WINGS! (Boneless and Bone-in) Choose from our fabulous six flavors: Buffalo hot sauce, Dry Rub, Depot BBQ, Sweet Chili Sauce, Korean BBQ and Garlic Parmesan. 

~CAVES OF FARIBAULT CHEESE CURDS made right across the tracks. Literally. So good, who needs the Fair? 



~JEFF’S ORIGINAL FIVE ONION SOUP Rich, broth-based soup with swiss melted over the top. 

~OUR OWN MN WILD RICE SOUP You thought the “other place” had good soup? Hold my beer… 

~ASK ABOUT OUR SOUP DU JOUR! We make our soups from scratch. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried them all!   

~HOUSE SALAD Mixed greens, cherry tomato, bacon, onion, shredded cheddar and croutons with your choice of dressing. 

~CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD Romaine tossed with our Caesar dressing, shredded parmesan, home-made croutons and chicken breast. 

~ORIENTAL CHICKEN SALAD Mixed greens with cashews and mandarin oranges, topped with crispy wontons, and served with a side of our very own sesame seed dressing.  

~GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD Chicken breast on salad greens with our onion petals and tomatoes. Your choice of dressing!

~THE DEPOT’S “RAVIN’ CRAZIN” SALAD Here’s a salad to go stark raving mad for! Romaine lettuce with Faribault’s Ama-Bleu cheese, candied walnuts, crazins, grilled chicken and our famous poppyseed dressing.

~GYRO SALAD Gyro meat, served on leafy greens with tomato, red onion, feta cheese and tzatziki dressing. Pita is on the side! 

~BEET SALAD A spring mix with pickled beets, Faribault’s Ama-Bleu cheese and candied walnuts. Served with our poppyseed dressing on the side. 

 ~SMOKED SALMON SALAD A spring mix with smoked salmon, raspberries, almonds, bleu cheese, shredded cheddar and a raspberry vinaigrette mixed in! 

~COBB SALAD Chef special with bacon, chicken breast, shredded cheddar, bleu cheese, eggs, tomatoes and avocados served over mixed greens. Don’t forget the dressing! 

~CAJUN TIP STEAK SALAD Black angus USDA steak tips on leafy greens with gouda cheese and crispy shoestring onions. 

House Made Dressing choices: Ranch—Bleu Cheese—Caesar—French—Honey Mustard—Thousand Island—Poppyseed Vinaigrette—Oriental Sesame and Balsamic


1/2lb hand pattied burgers served with our seasoned French fries.

Substitute onion petals or sweet potato fries.

Add a soup or salad.

Additional sides: sautéed onions, mushrooms, Applewood Smoked bacon.

Choice of Cheese: American, Swiss, cheddar, pepper-jack, or Ama-bleu.

Lettuce, onion and tomato are available upon request.

Substitute any beef patty for our vegetarian spicy black bean burger.

We have amazing gluten-free buns! No extra charge—simply request one!

~THE DEPOT BURGER Is a simple representation of ourselves—almost perfect. (now if we were humble, we truly would be perfect!) Choice patty served with lettuce, tomato and onion.

~THE PATTY MELT Grilled and buttered rye bread with sautéed onion, swiss and American cheese.

~THE FARIBAULT BURGER perfect the way it is— just like the town! Cheddar cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, and BBQ sauce. 

~BACON CHEESEBURGER a classic favorite with our Applewood Smoked Bacon and American cheese. 

~THE WORKS BURGER Applewood Smoked bacon, American cheese, mushroom and onion.

~BLACK AND “AMA-BLEU” BURGER Faribault’s own savory bleu cheese with a sweet caramelized onion.

~CAJUN BURGER Add a little spice to life! Blackened patty with pepper jack cheese, ham, sautéed onions and our house seasoned sour cream.

~THE 57 BURGER Our special 57 sauce mix, bacon, cheddar cheese and crispy shoestring onions.

~SPICY BLACK BEAN BURGER A vegetarian option for our guests! Comes with pepper-jack cheese, guacamole and fresh Pico de Gao! 

~LOADED DUCK BURGER Jeff’s personally selected cheese (Faribault cave aged Gouda cheese) bacon, mushroom and onions on a ground duck breast patty.

~FILET BURGER Filet mignon ground into tender, burger perfection! Top that with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Cheddar…… it might just stop a train. 

~JUICY LUCY Stuffed with beer cheese and topped with onion. Trust the Chef with the temp on this one!

~ULTIMATE BEER CHEESE BURGER Hope you’re hungry! Monster Juicy Lucy stuffed with beer cheese and topped with onions. We melt our raw cheese curds on the grill and drape it over the burger as a skirt. Comes with our housemade. We don’t charge extra for doggy bags! 



~REUBEN Channel your inner Irish and enjoy this local favorite! House-made corned beef on a marbled rye with sauerkraut, swiss cheese and our house 1000 island dressing. Substitute turkey and turn it into a Rachel! 

~BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH Breaded or grilled chicken breast with buffalo sauce. Blu cheese or house ranch on the side. Don’t forget the celery!

~BLACKENED CAJUN CHICKEN BREAST Served with onions, Pepper Jack cheese, bacon and our seasoned sour cream.

~CHICKEN CORDON BLEU Grilled, or breaded chicken breast served with ham and swiss cheese.

~ CLASSIC FRENCH DIP House-made roast beef on a hoagie served with au jus.

~JEFF’S LOADED DIP The classic just got better! Our house-made roast beef, Jeff’s Gouda, caramelized onions and au jus.

~CLASSIC BLT If it ain’t broke—don’t fix it! This classic favorite will never disappoint. Five Slices of our Applewood Smoked Bacon with Wheat.

~CLUBHOUSE triple decker BLT with turkey and our Applewood Smoked Bacon on wheat toast.

~FISH HOAGIE Breaded walleye fillet with lettuce, tomato and American cheese.

~GRILLED CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP Romaine lettuce and shredded parmesan tossed in our house Caesar dressing.

~BUFFALO CHICKEN WRAP Buffalo sauce, lettuce and blu cheese or ranch dressing on the side.

~CHICKEN FAJITA PITA OR WRAP This isn’t just fun to say—it tastes amazing too! Chicken with shredded lettuce, cheese, and peppers, served with Veronica’s salsa.

~FISH TACO WRAP Chunks of breaded walleye, lettuce, shredded cheese and Pico.

~CHICKEN BACON RANCH WRAP Does it get any better? Well, we could add tomato and cheese….  Done!

~AUTHENTIC GYRO Served on a pita with lettuce, red onion and tomato.

~MINNESOTA PHILLY Steak or chicken on a hoagie, loaded with mozzarella cheese, peppers and onions.

~TRADITIONAL PHILADELPHIA PHILLY This sandwich uses thinly sliced USDA choice Black Angus steak with sautéed onions and queso.

~CRAB CAKE SANDWICH Jeff’s Award-winning Crab Cake patty and Cheff’s dijon aioli served on a bun with lettuce, tomato and onion. 

~FILET STEAK SANDWICH USDA Black Angus filet steak topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms.

~THE CUBAN Both ham and pulled pork, Dijon mustard and pickles, smothered in swiss cheese and served on a hoagie.

~PULLED PORK SANDWICH Our take on the American favorite. Piled high with pork, crispy onions and a slice of cheddar cheese. Don’t forget the BBQ!

~ROAST BEEF SUPREME Sliced roast beef, swiss, mushroom, onion and gravy poured over the top. This is how a commercial should be served!


All south of the border items come with our tortilla chips and queso, salsa and sour cream. Side of guacamole or slices of avacado  We also have Black bean vegetarian taco options!

~COMBO #1 one beef or chicken enchilada and your choice of beef or chicken taco. 

~COMBO #2 two enchiladas with choice of beef or chicken

~GRINGO TACOS Three tacos with beef or chicken, served with lettuce, cheese, pico and sour cream!

~STREET TACOS Served the way you’d order them from the streets of Mexico! Three corn tortilla shells with choice of beef or chicken, topped with queso fresco, cabbage, onions, pico and cilantro slaw.

~LOBSTER TACOS Two deliciously messy tacos with pieces from the lobster-tail, mixed with a chipotle slaw and guacamole. House favorite!

~FISH TACOS Three softshell tacos with breaded walleye, shredded cheese, lettuce and pico.

~CRISPY SHRIMP TACOS Deep fried shrimp in three soft shells with a chipotle aioli, lettuce, shredded cheese and pico.

~VERONICA’S SHRIMP ENCHILADA two flower tortilla enchiladas with large, juicy shrimp and loads of queso fresco cheese and chili verde. Lettuce, pico and guacamole on the side…….dream come true!

~ THE BEST CHIMICHANGA beef or chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep fried and topped with lettuce, pico and our chili verde sauce

~LOADED BURRITO Chicken or beef, baked in a tortilla, topped with chili verde

~TACO SALAD BAJA (BOWL) Tortilla shell bowl filled with choice of beef or chicken, lettuce, cheese and fresh Pico. Served with our salsa and sour cream

~FAJITA SALAD BAJA (BOWL) steak or chicken in a baja bowl with peppers and onions, lettuce, cheese, asada and pico. Steak chicken

~FAJITAS steak or chicken with sizzling peppers and onion. Cheese, lettuce, asada and pico are served on the side. (This dish is not served with tortilla chips and queso) steak Chicken BOTH STEAK AND CHICKENSHRIMP FAJITAS


Add a side salad or a cup of soup du jour 

Substitute Caesar salad

~CHICKEN VEGGIE PASTA BROTH Penne noodles in a light, garlic parmesan broth with sliced chicken breast, peppers, onions and mushrooms.

~DEPOT’S CHICKEN FETTUCCINI ALFREDO Look no further! Our homemade rich and creamy alfredo sauce over linguini noodles with chicken breast. So good you’ll be thinking “LaBeau” is Italian

~ADULT MAC AND CHEESE Not just for the kids! (as if that ever stopped us!) Beautiful rich cheese sauce made with Jeff’s Select Gouda (aged in the Caves of Faribault) served over penne noodles.

~LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE our homemade cheese sauce with pieces of lobster delicately mixed in!

~BEEF STROGANOFF you can’t use “beefstew” as a password because it isn’t “stroganoff”. But seriously, this one holds it’s own. USDA choice deglazed beef in a demi sour cream sauce with mushrooms, served over fettuccini noodles.

~CHICKEN PARMASEAN PENNE Breaded chicken cutlet in a flavorful marinara, topped with fresh mozzarella, served over penne noodles!


All steaks are USDA choice hand cut beef. Served with salad, a roll and potato choice of french fries, mashed potato or baked potato (after 5 pm) Upgrade to a cup of soup Add mushroom and onion

~USDA CHOICE FILET  8oz Steak with a side of our sautéed vegetable du jour.

~SIRLOIN 10oz Lean and flavorful sirloin!

~RIBEYE 16oz USDA Choice steak. Marbled for juicy perfection!

~SURF AND TURF Sirloin steak comes with four gulf shrimp (breaded broiled or scampi)

~WALLEYE Two walleye fillets – breaded, broiled or Cajun style! Don’t forget the home-made tartar sauce.

~JUMBO GULF SHRIMP Eight gulf shrimp with your choice of home-made tartar sauce or cocktail sauce. Served breaded, broiled or scampi.

~DEPOT’S CLASSIC BBQ RIBS Feeling saucy? We don’t charge extra for the napkins. You’re welcome.





~LOBSTER MASHED POTATO loaded mashed potato with lobster

~HOUSE TOTS House made and deep fried to crispy perfection!


 Hope you’re hungry! These generously sized football shaped flatbreads are sure to please!



~GYRO FLATBREAD tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion


~MEAT LOVERS pepperoni, sausage, beef and bacon

~ITALIANO pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage and salami

~REUBEN corned beef, sauerkraut, 1000 dressing and swiss cheese

~TACO beef Pico de Gallo, lettuce and cheese

~VEGGIE LOVERS peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese

~HAWAIIN ham, pineapple and cheese